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Still here, still writing

Hello friends.

Can you believe it’s already Februar? Can you believe that it’s almost March? I feel like I’m desperately running after everything this year. I need everything and everyone to stop for a week to give me a chance to catch up.

I’m still writing. Not as much as I want, on many days I’m not even hitting my 960 words that lend themselves to the title of this blog and my tumblr back in the day. But I am writing and I really don’t want to beat myself up anymore over not meeting a goal that was arbitrary anyway.

Currently I’m trying to tie up and finish a few WIPs, original fiction and fanfiction. I have not forgotten Tempting The Dragon, I’m just… I’m a bit hesitant with it because it has developed in some White Saviour trope and we don’t want that, do we? See, that’s the problem if you post in-progress stories, you end up with a mess in your head as you try to balance it all out before you publish the next chapter.

Another thing that I’m kind of working on is a self-taught-writer-workshop. I’ve looked at many online classes and writer workshops but I can’t really afford them. But I’m thinking of setting up a writing workshop with the free resources I know about and putting it all together on a server on Discord. A weekly schedule, homework and discussions about videos we all watched or blog posts we’ve read. I’m still working on that and will make an announcement when I have something.

So that’s it for me for now.

Little reminder: you can still read an erotic romance story with a lady alien with a tail and her human boyfriend trying to have sex in Zero G by yours truly in this book

See you again soon and keep on writing.


That point

“Is it just me?”

“Is it just me who feels like XYZ?”

I ask myself these kind of questions several times during the week and since I’m old and have lived through the birth and rise of the Internet let me tell you how lucky you are, younglings!

Because today, you ask yourself “is it only me?” and go on the internet and find out: “no, it’s not only you”.

I don’t know why it is such a relief to know that somewhere out there is someone or are several someones who feel just like me. But it is a relief.

This was actually supposed to be a post about writing, about that point in writing when you realize that the project keeps getting bigger than what you know, where you have to push up your sleeves and get to work, where it’s not just letting the characters talk and see what happens. Where it’s actually about writing work.

But with all the tragedies in the last few days, my thoughts gravitate towards grief and fear and anger and disappointment. So I turn to the internet to see that I’m not alone in these feelings and I’m here to say: I feel like it too and I don’t know what to do.

Sending love to all my friends and to all LGBTIA people. I’m so sorry.


May, may you please let up?

May ran over me like a steam roller. Two weekends of handball tournaments to help at, work exploding and the flu going around — I feel like I need all of June to catch up on sleep after this month.

But things keep going. The next chapter of Tempting The Dragon is mostly done but it feels a bit boring so I’m reworking it. I’m also writing a fairytale rewrite for an anthology by tumblr writers (I love using the word anthology, it makes it sound so super official and serious! I’m a real writer now, I’m writing for an anthology!) And there’s lots of other projects that I keep working on (the fanfic writer guilt is strong in this one), I just need to structure my time better to get everything done.

Yesterday was my birthday, I have reached level 47 now. Apart from the various creaking joints, I’m feeling pretty good and I love who I am now. Sometimes I even call myself a writer and I feel really good about that.

Diversity for diversity’s sake?

Recently, I keep seeing posts about how to do “diversity in fiction” correctly and one piece of advice is bugging me.

Don’t add diverse characters just for diversity’s sake.

This feels wrong to me. People are diverse, they just exist without needing a reason. How about going at this question form the other side: Don’t stray from white-hetero-normalcy unless it’s justified. Is this what we want?

People exist in all shapes and types and they don’t need a reason to be there, they just are. 

With the things I’m working on right now, whenever I need to add a new character, I ask myself questions like: Is there a reason why this can’t be a woman? Is there a reason why she can’t be bisexual? Is there a reason why she can’t be asexual? Is there a reason why she can’t be from Iran? Or Brasil? Is there a reason why she can’t be in a wheelchair?

Now I’m not answering each of those questions with a No, I’m trying to build a character not some kind of check-list soup. But I know that my life and upbringing has instilled stereotypes and prejudices in me and may cause me to favor certain types of characters. So yes, I’m adding diversity for diversity’s sake. Because life is diverse and it doesn’t need a reason for it.

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Whoops, restart.

Apparently, January is a already part of the new year. Who would have thought?

Just kidding, I am aware that the first month of the year is already over and I’m mostly bitter because I didn’t accomplish any of my writing goals. I still have not found a steady routine and I’m afraid I may have to sacrifice my lazy mornings of coffee, corn flakes and tumblr.

But the goal for this year is to write at least one book from draft to ebook file. My plan is to document this process here, maybe even together with other people as I always wanted this blog to be a group project. I will blog here once a week, probably Thursday (I work Monday, Wednesday and Friday and Tuesday is Cleaning Day, that leaves Thursday for Blogging Day).

It’s a date then, see you next Thursday for writing this novel. Step one will be outlining.  (I hate outlining so much)

For today I leave you with this post by Veronica Rossi on Tor:

If you stick to a plan, you can write a solid draft of a book in a year. Really.

Having written several novels now, my focus as a writer has shifted. I know I can create books so my 2016 writing goals are about digging deeper. And though they’re writing-oriented I think a few might be helpful to anyone pursuing a creative endeavor. Without further ado, here they are:

  1. Answer the “Why” — My husband recently read Start With the Why by Simon Sinek, based on his TED Talk of the same title. Though I’ve only seen the latter, we’ve been having many discussions about the central tenet of Sinek’s argument. Though it’s primarily geared toward business-minded folks, Sinek poses a question that he believes everyone should consider: What’s your Why? Why do you do what you do? In my case: why do I write?I honestly thought it would be an easier question to answer. After all, I’ve been writing seriously for a dozen years now and I love writing. However to truly answer that question requires some honest soul-searching.

So, how are we doing?

I’ve asked this before and I’m asking it again.
The first month of the new year is almost over and I fell like I need the world to just please stop for a few hours to let me catch up!! Please! I seem to be running and running but in the end I have nothing to show for what I even did.
I know I’m neglecting this blog. I spend more time on tumblr, I feel more at home there. Tumblr has a wonderful book and writer community and I love reblogging interesting posts. I almost wanted to do the same here, since wordpress also has the reblog feature but it feels kind of false here.

This blog is meant for posts that I write myself. At least that was the plan. I wanted to write at least one post per week for the blog but I also wanted to write 960 words every day and you have three guesses how well that went and two don’t count. So, I’m just going to scrap this month and start over in February.


To answer the question: I’m doing fine but the new year stresses me and except for one tiny little piece of fanfiction, I haven’t written any stories. This is bad because I feel like that magical story thread is slipping through my fingers and is lost forever.


The thing about reading fanfic (and original slash fic) is that you get used to that particular writing/reading culture after a while. You get used to the frank discussions of sexuality and kink, the close attention to diversity and social justice issues in the text, the unrestrained creativity when it comes to plot. The most amazing, creative, engaging stories I’ve ever read have almost all been fanfiction, and I think part of that is because there’s no limitations placed on the authors. They’re writing purely out of joy and love for the world and its characters, with no concerns about selling the finished product. The only limit is their imagination.

Next to that, most mainstream fiction starts tasting like Wonder Bread, you know?

via ckingsbridge

This is so true! Especially sex scenes in “normal” books all seem kind of halted now. The summaries and reviews talk about hot sex scenes and when I read them I can only say “yeah, kind of nice but you skipped all the best parts!”
Fanfiction has ruined me! And I love it!

How are we doing?

The new year is two days old, I’m actively avoiding looking at the Steam sale (no more new games for you!) and I haven’t written anything.  I’m using this blog post to write at least something.

With the year still so young it’s not really such a horrible thing to not be in full writer mode already but I kind of had different plans. I’m not one to make new years resolutions, I make resolutions all the time and … yeah. Let’s just say that most resolutions die a quiet death. And then I feel guilty for not meeting my goals.

I read somewhere today (curse my scatterbrain for I can’t find the post anymore) that guilt is actually a bad motivator. Guilt seems to be leaning closer to giving up then getting up, if you know what I mean.

If you, for instance, set your goal as working out daily and you miss one day because you felt bad or didn’t have time, you’ll feel guilty. I guess some people would feel motivated to work out even more the next day, I personally fall into the camp of saying “I already missed one day, might as well miss another until I feel better” which will bring me nicely towards: “I missed so many days, I might as well just stop. I suck at this anyway”

Yes, that’s me. Guilt as a motivator — not working for me.

That’s also one of the reasons why I set the daily writing goal so low at 960 words per day. If I write more — yay! But if I just meet the goal, I can still feel good about it. I may not be the writer who spits out a book in a month but I will write my books!

So I’m not making New Years resolutions but I do have a goal.

My goal is to write and publish my stories and write more.

(That looks suspiciously like a new years resolution but we’ll let that slide, won’t we?)

Happy writing!