Hello writerly friends!

Soo, yesterday was my birthday, yay! Hence the short post.

Today, let’s have a look back. As always, engagement dropped off after the first two weeks, I know this is normal but I wished I could offer more encouragement to keep people engaged. The discord server had more conversations and I think it worked well in keeping us all accountable. 

Personally, I did not work on the WIP that I wanted to work on, but on several others instead. That’s how it is sometimes, right? But still, March and April saw some of the highest wordcounts I ever had. 

An interesting insight after several conversations on discord was, that everyone has a different process of writing. Really, everyone. Courses, books, and webinars want to teach us three or four ways of writing but it turns out, there’s hundreds of different methods and approaches when it comes to bringing a story onto the page. 

What does this mean for you and me? Don’t be discouraged if a process doesn’t work for you. Don’t force a method on yourself that doesn’t help you. Try out different methods and be flexible enough to adapt. Even if you find a well working process, it might change over time. Adjust, adapt, and keep writing.

What comes next? In my experience, the summer months get very busy and lead to lower wordcounts. That’s fine! Don’t beat yourself up over this. I will keep the discord server open, but I think the next WIP project will be later in the year. I’ll have @fictober-eventā€‹ to run in October, so maybe we’ll have a quick sprinting project in September. No promises yet though.

If you liked the bits of writing advice I sprinkled through the posts, follow @the960writersā€‹ for more. I try to reblog and post advice for all kind of writers, for plotters, planners, and discovery writers, and I mix the posts with inspirational things, jokes, and prompts. 

Let us know how the last 90 days went for you, what you learned about your WIP, the characters you write, and yourself.

I’m glad you stuck around and happy writing!

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