Day 89/90

Hello writerly friends!

One more day to go! How are you all doing? 

Just a short post today with a little editing tip. Once you’ve saved your manuscript, you will read it through several times to fix things. As you read, focus on one specific thing for each. 

First, read it for structure. Does the pacing work? Do you hit your plot highlights? Can you delete stuff to make it tighter? Second, read it for character development. Do you show how your character started and how they grew? Next, read it for setting. Do you show the world your characters inhabit. And so on and so forth. 

Each read-through, focus on one specific thing to improve. You might even know where your own personal weakness lies (setting anybody? people talking in white rooms? just me? ok then), so make an edit pass for that specific thing. 

At the very very end, once you did everything else, work on making sentences pretty and look for typos. It makes no sense to do this earlier because you might delete these sentences anyway, so don’t waste time on fixing them. 

See you tomorrow for our last day!

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