Day 87/90

Hello writerly friends!

We are getting to the end of this project and I want give you a few guides for what comes next: editing and revision. 

I was going to quote a lot from Rachael Herron’s book “Fast-Draft Your Memoir” (which isn’t just about memoir writing) and the chapter about revision from that book, but! I discovered that Rachael read out that chapter on her podcast in an episode: [].

Isn’t that awesome? She gives great advice how to approach revision, how to focus on the big things first, before you think about making sentences pretty that you might not even keep. I don’t agree with her advice to print it all out, my eco-heart can’t take that waste of so much paper, but apart from that, she really has a great approach to revising your first draft into a second draft. 

She begins with finding your theme. Your theme is the message you want to send out into the world with your story. You might get surprised, as you read your story over. You might find that your theme is different than you thought. You might have wanted to write a story about “love conquers all” but it turns out, you’ve written a story about “family is the people you find and love”. 

Find your theme and then start adjusting the parts of your story to that theme. Make it more cohesive. Check each scene you wrote against the theme. Does the scene still work? Does it strengthen the theme? Is the scene still necessary?

This is the point where you save your first draft in a separate copy and start a version two. Now you can shove scenes around without losing anything from your first draft.

If you’re not there yet, just keep writing on that first draft. Revision can wait until you’re done.

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