Day 85/90

Hello writerly friends!

Only five days left, can you believe it? We’re coming up to the end of the project. 

In the Hero’s Journey, you’re now writing towards the final image. The final image is meant to be a mirror image of the beginning, showing the development and growth of the Hero over the length of the story. 

In the Heroine’s Journey, the final image shows that the Heroine found a new network, a secure place among their people. This is also a mirror image from the beginning, where we saw the Heroine being separated from their familiar network. 

I love this concept of a mirror image, I think it’s such a neat concept, not only for the reader, but also for the writer. You can literally see how the writer grew along with their characters! 

As you write your ending now, you might be tempted to go back to the beginning, because you thought of such a great image and want to change your beginning. You can do that, if it really bugs you, but you will probably get lost in premature editing and we don’t need that now. Focus on the finale. Make a note of what you want to mention at the beginning in regards to the ending you’re writing. This is just part of the process, we’re discovering the story here. 

I’ll be talking about editing and revision in the next two posts. I think you’ll have a better time with revising if you approach it after you finished this first draft. Finish the story.

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