Day 83/90

Hello writerly friends!

We’re coming up to the finale!!

As Jessica Brody explains: Finale: The hero proves they have truly learned the theme and enacts the plan they came up with in the Break Into 3. Bad guys are destroyed, flaws are conquered, lovers are reunited.

This is where the world saving comes in and the character growth. Here you want to begin to tie up all the threads you started over the story

I have to say, I don’t often come all the way to this point. But when I do, I write down lots of notes for myself for images and motifs that I want to add towards the beginning. At this point, I want to see the draft from an eagle-eye view, get an impression of the thing as a whole. 

So that’s my advice. Keep writing forward, but take notes to the images you use, the tone you convey and how you want to mirror that through the story once you get to the edit phase.