Day 81/90

Hello writerly friends!

Today I want to talk about motif, specifically repeating motifs. I’ll add two links to this post that explain what a motif is and how it ties into the theme of your story.

For me, my favourite trick with motifs is bringing them up again at significant points. If I have a theme of freedom, I would use motifs like chains, cage. In spreading the arc over the story, I like to bring these up again later in the story, this time showing what has changed: the chains and cages are broken now. 

A motif can be something that looks insignificant at first, but grows in importance over the story. I think it makes the story more interesting to read because you’re giving the reader a thread to follow through. 

We’ll be getting back to this in a few days because one important point in the Three Act Structure is the mirror image at the end that shows how everybody grew over the story.



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