Day 79/90

Hello writerly friends!

If you’re writing along, you should now be near the point where your story enters Act Three.

Jessica Brody in “Save The Cat” calls this the “break into act three”. It’s the moment where the hero realises how to solve problem. The hero has the knowledge and the ability to fix the main story problem but they also have grown so much, that they can also fix themself. The hero fulfils their character arc.

In the Heroine’s Journey as Gail Carriger describes it, this is the point where the Heroine gathers everything they’ve learnt and all their new friends. They get together to apply that knowledge and that combined force of network to the story problem. 

These points are quite similar, don’t you think? I think this shows how these two journeys can easily be combined. Stories can have a Hero and a Heroine working together. 

Think about your basic buddy comedy, the one stoic character who wants to work alone and the fun character, who has many friends and connections. That’s a Hero with a Heroine in the same story and one possible arc could be that the Hero changes into a Heroine. Stories with multiple characters may have each character on a different journey, with different focal points in what is important for their journey.

Don’t feel trapped by all these structures and journeys. Use what works for you and discard the rest.

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