Day 77/90

Hello writerly friends!

Today I have a book recommendation for you. This book is by Becca Syme and Susan Bischoff. You might remember Becca Syme from Day 1 with her advice about burnout. The new book is called “Dear Writer, Are You Intuitive?”. I started reading it today and I already like it so much that I want to tell you about it.

This book is about us, the discovery writers, who just know how the story wants to be, who feel in their gut how the story has to be written. Who don’t outline, don’t lay out the structure before they start. Who write intuitively. 

Many people write intuitively but it’s easier to teach plotting. So we can learn a lot about structure and plotting but less about intuitive writing. Teaching about intuition is difficult.

Not every “inner voice” is helpful intuition, we can also self sabotage ourselves by listening to our own critic. And of course, we also know about people who say that they “just know”, without any evidence for their convictions and we don’t want to be like those people. 

I haven’t finished the book yet, but it looks very promising in helping me to find a process for my writing that fits me, and lets me feel free. Following my intuition feels much more natural to me than trying to force myself into a structure.

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