Day 75/90

Hello writerly friends!

Today, in our three act structure of The Hero’s Journey, we’re coming up to All Is Lost, which leads us to Dark Night Of The Soul before we enter Act Three. (Look at me capitalising everything, the perks of being german)

At this point, we often have a betrayal, or a death. Things go very wrong, the plan has to be adapted. Our characters are frustrated and have lost hope. It looks like they can’t win. 

Let’s compare this section to the Heroine’s Journey. 

The through-line of the Heroine’s Journey is the forming of a network. Friendship, found family, a team of experts, that the kind of thing a Heroine searches for on their journey. For the Heroine, isolation is a threat. Their enemies will try to isolate them to weaken the Heroine. 

This also brings us to an All Is Lost moment at this point, where something goes wrong inside of the team the Heroine has built. The All Is Lost moment for the Heroine is something like a betrayal from a member of the team, the enemy successfully separating the team, a trusted contact failing. It looks like the network will fail and they can’t win.

To enter the third act, the Heroine and the Hero have to adapt to the new situation, by finding a compromise, working through emotional conflicts. Both Journeys are not that different at this point. 

If you want a little reminder about the workings of the Heroine’s Journey, complete with swearing when Sasha Black realises why the writing of her book has been such a struggle, listen to this episode of the Rebel Author Podcast: []

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