Day 67/90

Hello writerly friends!

Today I want to point you to another podcast, an interview by Sacha Black with Jessica Brody. You heard that name before, because we are kind of following her approach here in our project. You remember this? 

This is from Jessica Brody’s workbook for “Save The Cat Writes A Novel”. 

In the interview with Sacha Black, Jessica Brody explains some more how the “Save The Cat” method works. She also talks about a new craft book she’s writing, which is “Save The Cat Writes A YA Novel”. She specifically mentions that with this new book, she added information about multiple protagonists and multiple POV.

I found this section very interesting because she talks about how each protagonist in an ensemble cast can have a differing journey through the story beats. For instance, one character had the inciting incident “off-screen”, before the story even starts, while the other has it several chapters later. 

Listening to the interview was quite inspiring and informative for me so I hope it’ll be interesting for you too. 


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