Day 61/90

Hello writerly friends!

After being called out yesterday for, uhm, actually not writing that WIP I wanted to finish with this project, let’s dedicate today to starting again. Because I will. Start again.

Joanna Penn had a good post on her blog a while back called “Writing Fiction: 7 Steps To Write Your First Novel” []

Here are her seven points: 

(1) Understand what you’re writing and why

This is a good point I don’t see so often. Why even do this? Why this genre? What is my definition of success? Who do I want as a reader? 

(2) Fill your creative well

Yes! So important, you cannot be creative in a vacuum. Take care of your body and your mind, find inspiration in the world around you. 

(3) Write a story, not just a pile of words

This is where genre and structure comes in, the things we have touched on already.

(4) Write a character that people want to spend time with

I think most of us do this subconsciously. It doesn’t mean that the character is flawless but they are someone we like spending time with as we write and that translate into a character people like to read about. 

(5) What happens, why and where?

Setting! You know, I pretty much ignored the setting so far but it gives us so many options to raise the stakes in the conflict. Do not ignore the setting as part of the story.

(6) Get words on the page for your first draft

Well, this is exactly what we’re trying to do here with the WIP project. Write it, write it, get it on the page. Everything else comes later. Write forward.

(7) “Writing is rewriting.”

Exactly. The first draft is not the end product, so don’t waste time on perfecting it as you write. You will work on a better version of the story later, once you’re done with the first draft.

These are such good points! Please read the post for a more thorough explanation. 

Here’s to starting again. Join me in catching up.

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