#100daysofwriting, Day Twenty-eight, 2021-06-28


Today I wrote in the tumblr post:

I’m melting in the heat here. No thoughts in melted brain. But I’m still reading all your posts and I want to encourage you to go in the [tag] and read what your fellow writers are posting. Hit the little speechbubble on the post and talk to each other! We’re all here to talk about writing.

Today’s question:

Do you have an expression that you probably use too much in your writing?


At first I thought my repeated expressions would be “vaguely” “kind of” “seems to be” but then someone on tumblr mentioned “characters looking, gazing, glancing” and oh shit, that’s mine.

I’ve put a longer fic into ProWritingAid and had the program check for overused words and, yes, no surprise here:

“Consider removing 80 from 88 occurrences.”!!!! OMG!

And at first I didn’t even think about “looking”. But of course, now it’s obvious, and to be honest, not all that surprising. When I write a scene, I watch it in my mind and how people look or not look at each other is really important to me, more than touching. Is that a thing I impose on the characters from myself? Cause I don’t touch people all that much but I pay attention to how and where people look, stare, glance.

Now, will I remove 80 of 88 occurrences? No fucking way. Let’s consider this “the author’s voice” and move forward.