#100daysofwriting, Day Twenty-two, 2021-06-22, belated

Did I forget to make a post about yesterday‘s tumblr post? Yes. Oops.

In the post I asked: Tell us about a scene you’re most looking forward to writing in your current project.

I’m honestly a bit stumped on that question right now. Which is strange, shouldn’t I have a lot to ramble about with my many, many WIP?

But I’m strangely content with just writing onwards. Maybe this is the unique joy of the Discovery Writer, I don’t slog through the outline towards a specific plot point, I travel along with my characters, I see the story develop, gasping in wonder at all the cool things I see off the path.

Sometimes I have that one scene I’m really looking forward to, it’s usually the scene that sparked the whole story. But even then, I love discovering the story, the characters, the world, as I write it and that process is what I’m looking forward to the most.