Still here, still writing

Hello friends.

Can you believe it’s already Februar? Can you believe that it’s almost March? I feel like I’m desperately running after everything this year. I need everything and everyone to stop for a week to give me a chance to catch up.

I’m still writing. Not as much as I want, on many days I’m not even hitting my 960 words that lend themselves to the title of this blog and my tumblr back in the day. But I am writing and I really don’t want to beat myself up anymore over not meeting a goal that was arbitrary anyway.

Currently I’m trying to tie up and finish a few WIPs, original fiction and fanfiction. I have not forgotten Tempting The Dragon, I’m just… I’m a bit hesitant with it because it has developed in some White Saviour trope and we don’t want that, do we? See, that’s the problem if you post in-progress stories, you end up with a mess in your head as you try to balance it all out before you publish the next chapter.

Another thing that I’m kind of working on is a self-taught-writer-workshop. I’ve looked at many online classes and writer workshops but I can’t really afford them. But I’m thinking of setting up a writing workshop with the free resources I know about and putting it all together on a server on Discord. A weekly schedule, homework and discussions about videos we all watched or blog posts we’ve read. I’m still working on that and will make an announcement when I have something.

So that’s it for me for now.

Little reminder: you can still read an erotic romance story with a lady alien with a tail and her human boyfriend trying to have sex in Zero G by yours truly in this book

See you again soon and keep on writing.


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