I love the sound of deadlines whooshing by


(With utmost respect to Douglas Adams)

Yes, I didn’t make the self-imposed deadline. That’s my problem with self-imposed things: if it’s self-imposed, it’s also self-changeable. All those productivity tricks don’t work on me.

Setting a deadline? If I set it myself, I can reschedule it. Blocking the internet until a certain task is done? If I block it, guess who can unblock it anytime? Using software that forces me to stay in one application for a certain amount of time? Watch me find so many creative ways of shutting that thing down because I’m the master of myself and nothing and noone can ever constrain me! Not even I myself.

I’m a menace to myself.

Why didn’t I make the deadline? My life wasn’t any busier than the weeks before, so that’s no excuse.

In my defense, I wrote other things. I wrote a chapter each for two ongoing fanfics and basked in  the gratification of a few comments. It wasn’t a flood of comments but it still felt really good.

But why didn’t I write for Tempting The Dragon?

I was thoroughly blocked on that story, that’s for sure. I already stated in the last post why I felt uncomfortable with the first version of the chapter that I had written. Deleting all that and starting new was more difficult than I thought.

A common piece of advice to battle writer’s block is to either just write or to write something else. At first I thought that writing something else wouldn’t help me at all. It’s one of those things that everybody keeps saying and advising but why would that work? Why would going out of my story, entrancing myself with another set of characters, help with the story that I’m blocked on?

As it turned out, I enjoyed it immensely to dive back into my fanfic characters. They are the broody old friends that keep nagging me to do more with them. They want me to write them!

The good news is that I had a mini vacation in Denmark over the weekend and without internet to distract me, I finished the chapter and even started the next one! As soon as my awesome editor has looked it over I will post it here and we’ll return to our almost regular schedule of publishing.


See you soon!


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