That point

“Is it just me?”

“Is it just me who feels like XYZ?”

I ask myself these kind of questions several times during the week and since I’m old and have lived through the birth and rise of the Internet let me tell you how lucky you are, younglings!

Because today, you ask yourself “is it only me?” and go on the internet and find out: “no, it’s not only you”.

I don’t know why it is such a relief to know that somewhere out there is someone or are several someones who feel just like me. But it is a relief.

This was actually supposed to be a post about writing, about that point in writing when you realize that the project keeps getting bigger than what you know, where you have to push up your sleeves and get to work, where it’s not just letting the characters talk and see what happens. Where it’s actually about writing work.

But with all the tragedies in the last few days, my thoughts gravitate towards grief and fear and anger and disappointment. So I turn to the internet to see that I’m not alone in these feelings and I’m here to say: I feel like it too and I don’t know what to do.

Sending love to all my friends and to all LGBTIA people. I’m so sorry.



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