May, may you please let up?

May ran over me like a steam roller. Two weekends of handball tournaments to help at, work exploding and the flu going around — I feel like I need all of June to catch up on sleep after this month.

But things keep going. The next chapter of Tempting The Dragon is mostly done but it feels a bit boring so I’m reworking it. I’m also writing a fairytale rewrite for an anthology by tumblr writers (I love using the word anthology, it makes it sound so super official and serious! I’m a real writer now, I’m writing for an anthology!) And there’s lots of other projects that I keep working on (the fanfic writer guilt is strong in this one), I just need to structure my time better to get everything done.

Yesterday was my birthday, I have reached level 47 now. Apart from the various creaking joints, I’m feeling pretty good and I love who I am now. Sometimes I even call myself a writer and I feel really good about that.


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