Has someone found my time to write by chance?

1am last night: I’m lying in bed and I have written maybe 50 words on the current WIP all day. It was a workday but still, I was able to go home early and still didn’t manage the minimum of one hour daily writing. I came home, turned on the laptop, launched the pomodoro timer on my phone and — it sat like that for the next four hours. By the time the evening had progressed to 23:00 (11pm), I resigned myself to some tumblring and TV watching. (I know from experience that my ability to produce coherent sentences rapidly declines after 22:00).

The current state of me writing is:

In the morning: I drink my coffee, take care of blogs, email and tumblr over breakfast. Admittedly, tumblring is not exactly work but keeping up with friends and knowledge is also an important part of my life.

After that, I either go to work or I have to get groceries or do laundry or other various housewifey things that need to get done. I have to feed the kids, remind them to do homework and do the general maintenance involving family life. And then I should have time. On an non-workday, I am basically free to do what I want until the evening.

There should be hours where I could write but somehow they disappear from me!

I honestly don’t know where they go.

One advice in Rachel Aaron’s book is to keep track of your wordcount during a writing day, to find out when your most productive time of the day is. I consider that a luxury that I don’t have but maybe scheduling and tracking the time of day where I do actually write would be a good idea? My problem is not finding out when my most productive time is but where the hell my time goes.
Nevertheless, I did finish another chapter of the Dragon story and will publish it soon.


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