Outlining will be my downfall

My outline is still not… I can’t even say that it’s not finished because, frankly — it does not exist at all. Yes, I know Camp Nanowrimo has already started, shut up, I’m working on it!

Outlining has turned into a self fulfilling prophecy of failure over here. I just can’t get myself to do it and I still know that I need one to actually get this novel done. I know this!

I have personal proof and experience that I need some rough guideline to be successful. In fanfiction that part is easy, the game or movie or what ever the fanfiction is based upon provides the framework for the story. But for original fiction I have to do this myself and that part of my brain is like a screaming little toddler stomping his feet and whining “No no no, I won’t do it, I don’t want to! I don’t  — oh what is that? Gimme gimme gimme, oh I’m sleepy…”


So much for that. I guess Camp Nanowrimo is starting with outlining for me.

With Libbie Hawker’s framework I got to this form to fill:

Outline according to Libbie Hawker’s ‘Take Off Your Pants!’

  • Main character
  • External goal
  • Internal goal
  • Antagonist
  • Plot
    • Opening Scene:
    • Inciting Event:
    • Character realizes external goal
    • Display of Flaw
    • Drive for Goal
    • Antagonist Revealed
    • Thwart #1
    • Revisiting Flaw
    • New Drive for Goal
    • Antagonist Attacks
    • Thwart #2
    • New Drive for Goal
    • Antagonist Attacks
    • Thwart #3
    • Repeat as needed
    • Changed Goal
    • Ally Attacks
    • Girding the Loins
    • Battle
    • Death
    • Outcome
  • End




Now, looking at this list, I can totally see how useful it is. But it just doesn’t work for me. My brain just freezes up. If you look at this and it speaks to you, get her book and work through it.

For me, I’m going back to another book:  2k to 10k: Writing Faster, Writing Better, and Writing More of What You Love by Rachel Aaron.

In her book she starts with analyzing how you can write faster and more but I want to skip ahead to the part of How to plot a novel in 5 easy steps. That name alone warms me to it.

It starts with Step 0: Decide what book you want to write.

What an excellent question! As Rachel Aaron says, the book you want to write has to excite you for a long time. You’ll be working on it for weeks, months or even years, this better be a project that you want to look at for such a long time.

I think this is also a good point to think about the theme and genre of the novel.

I my next posts I will show how my outline grows and how the novel grows from that. For now, the theme for this novel will be:

Paranormal action romance. 


Ta Da! Awesome theme is awesome!

Crossposted to my tumblr.


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