Camp NaNoWriMo!

As I have failed to keep a blogging schedule once again, let’s just start something new.

Hi there! I’m going to do Camp NaNoWriMo, how about you?

In case  you don’t know what that is, Camp NaNo comes from the same people that bring you the National Novel Writing Month every November (which is the worst time of the year, seriously, only single dudes could come up with that date!). Camp is much more relaxed than the big NaNoWriMo, the main reason for that is: you set your own goal!

Setting your own goal is so good! It’s this load of pressure off my chest. Instead of having to meet this arbitrary goal of 50,000 words, I just set my goal to 28,000 words and it so nice. Look at that attainable goal, so slim and friendly!

The only problem now… I kind of procrastinated preparing for Camp. I don’t have an outline, I don’t even have a full idea of a story. I have a a vague plot bunny jumping around in my head and a few characters but I haven’t written down a single thing.

So… that’s what I’m going to now, eh?


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