Whoops, restart.

Apparently, January is a already part of the new year. Who would have thought?

Just kidding, I am aware that the first month of the year is already over and I’m mostly bitter because I didn’t accomplish any of my writing goals. I still have not found a steady routine and I’m afraid I may have to sacrifice my lazy mornings of coffee, corn flakes and tumblr.

But the goal for this year is to write at least one book from draft to ebook file. My plan is to document this process here, maybe even together with other people as I always wanted this blog to be a group project. I will blog here once a week, probably Thursday (I work Monday, Wednesday and Friday and Tuesday is Cleaning Day, that leaves Thursday for Blogging Day).

It’s a date then, see you next Thursday for writing this novel. Step one will be outlining.  (I hate outlining so much)

For today I leave you with this post by Veronica Rossi on Tor:

If you stick to a plan, you can write a solid draft of a book in a year. Really.

Having written several novels now, my focus as a writer has shifted. I know I can create books so my 2016 writing goals are about digging deeper. And though they’re writing-oriented I think a few might be helpful to anyone pursuing a creative endeavor. Without further ado, here they are:

  1. Answer the “Why” — My husband recently read Start With the Why by Simon Sinek, based on his TED Talk of the same title. Though I’ve only seen the latter, we’ve been having many discussions about the central tenet of Sinek’s argument. Though it’s primarily geared toward business-minded folks, Sinek poses a question that he believes everyone should consider: What’s your Why? Why do you do what you do? In my case: why do I write?I honestly thought it would be an easier question to answer. After all, I’ve been writing seriously for a dozen years now and I love writing. However to truly answer that question requires some honest soul-searching.