Ja ist denn schon November?

Nobody not german will get the joke of the title…



Two more days and it’s National Novel Writing Month and I’ve got nothing. I have no plot, no outline, no anything.

Anybody still procrastinating to the last minute like me? Some help for you and me:

WHY YOU SHOULD DO NANOWRIMO… AND WHY YOU SHOULDN’T – Chuck Wendig with some great points for and against doing NaNo, in case you’re still undecided.
In It to WIN It—Preparing for NANOWRIMO (National Novel Writing Month) – Kristen Lamb’s best overview about story structure and how to write a successful novel.
Libbie Hawker / Take Off Your Pants! – An amazing book to turn your pantser self into a writer who knows where they’re going. I’m currently working on something that could possibly resemble an outline one day with this book.

I’m all for doing NaNoWriMo, unless it makes you feel bad. This is not a requirement for “being a real writer”. Even if you don’t write the full 50k words in a month — you’re still a writer.
Personally, I’m aiming for 30k and I just want to enjoy the feeling that everywhere around the world people are writing along with me at any time of the day. (I like to call it InterNaNoWriMo for that reason.) It’s an amazing feeling.

Let’s do this!





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