What happened here?

toothless judging
Toothless is judging me

I know this blog looks abandoned. I swear it is not but I can’t deny the lack of posts here.

I manage to keep the tumblr blog active, I hang out on tumblr anyway and it’s easy for me to build up a queue on there and collect advice and prompts. It’s not really a blog it’s more a collection of writing advice and inspirational posts and quotes. I love collecting, I collect links and smart words like other people collect stamps I guess.

On this blog I feel like I should write something original myself and I don’t know what. What could I write that has not been written better somewhere else? (Yes, I know that’s a stupid excuse)


Concentration, that would be something… I still haven’t found a rhythm to churn out daily words in a reliable matter, I’m lucky if I manage to put down 200 words in a week, let alone 960 per day.

Le Sigh.

What little time I find to write, I feel I should use it for actual novel writing, not blog posts. I also feel guilty for neglecting my fanfictions. I want to finish those stories, damnit!


Enough with the whining, I just wanted to post a life sign. I’ll be over here, muddling along.


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