Why Are Female Fantasy Authors Pushed To The Back Of The Bus?

This makes me so fucking mad!
I’m still on the fence about using a gender neutral penname or a name that clearly indicates that I’m female. Personally, I even look for female SciFi writers and would miss out on some if they used a used a male or neutral name. But how many others would instantly think “chick lit trash” when the barest hint of a romance comes up in the novel?

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There was an interesting thread on reddit /r/Fantasy

where I learned some rather disturbing facts about the publishing industry. The person who opened the thread was wondering why women prefer writing teen romance centered Urban Fantasy and YA Fantasy and why there are too few female epic fantasy authors.

I have to shamefully admit I had the same misconception myself since this is the pattern I see in the best seller lists, book blogs and the word on the street. Big shot female authors who write fantasy write YA and UF centered on romance. Hardly any female names pop up in epic fantasy category. There is Robin Hobb, but she is where she is today because Robin Hobb is a gender neutral pseudonym. I had no idea she was a woman until last year. I know I am not alone in this, I talked to a number of her readers who thought she was…

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2 thoughts on “Why Are Female Fantasy Authors Pushed To The Back Of The Bus?

  1. I write fantasy, some of it epic. My name is gender neutral, but that was a fluke (to honor my grandfather, a writer, I used my middle name). This article bothered me too but didn’t surprise me. Women are still proving our competence in a male-dominated genre. It will change as we churn out great books. After reading the article, I made a conscious decision to start reading and reviewing more female epic fantasy authors.


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