Having 350 words critiqued

A little while ago, I submitted the first 350 words of one of my Works-in-progress to “Under the Microscope” on Ryan Lanz’ blog. The idea behind this cool feature is that most readers decide on the first few pages whether they’ll like the book and buy it or not. The first few hundred words have to hook the reader and make them interested in the story.

My submission is here, and since it is meant to be anonymous, I answered in the comments as “the writer”. I loved the feedback, it was so helpful.

I want to recommend this awesome feature to all writers!


The best part about it is — it got me interested in working on that story again. The temporary name for it is “Spacedames!” but that will not be the final title because it sounds too much like a steampunk novel in space, which is not this novel but one I most definitely have to write one day.

This novel is going to be a science fiction space opera with a few dips into hard scifi. I had put it aside for a while and worked on a historical novel but then I began to feel like I’m not yet good enough to do either novel justice and…. I bet you know how that ended.

This story is about Hyperspace and female astronauts, aliens, lost-in-space, space fights, alien/human romance, and all that fun stuff. It has a really good opening chapter but as I kept on writing, I felt that it lost steam and became rather boring. After the feedback and the interest it seems to have spurred, I want to go at it again and finish it.

I’m going to rework that first chapter and maybe I’ll post it here in a few days.



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