50 shades of shit

I made a post on my tumblr a few days ago about Fifty Shades of Grey and it actually got some notes. So I’m repeating it here too.


What personally pisses me off, among other things, about this 50 Shades of Grey debacle is: People keep saying “Yeah, you see it’s just Twilight fanfiction” like that’s an excuse.

I have read fanfiction that fucking smokes this shit!

Apart from the abuse shading as sexy shit — the writing is atrocious! 

This novel puts a bad name on the kind of sexy fanfiction I have read that is beautifully written, with well rounded characters and the unfathomable ability to use sexual words correctly in context.

This book is an insult to fanfiction and I will forever hold it up as an embarrassment for legacy publishing.


As a reader and writer of fanfiction, I’m insulted by the very existence of this book.

If you’re interested in how this fanfiction and book came about, this here is a very interesting reddit post about how a combination of thirsty readers and “one of us is going to make it!” led to this book.


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