Redrafting: A Step By Step Guide

A while back, I saw the advice that one should write the story from scratch again, once the first draft is done. It sounded crazy! So much work! But looking at the list you provided here, I’m warming up to the idea! I might follow that advice once I’m done with at least one of the many drafts I have here.

A writer's top tips

Redrafting is really when the magic happens. It is time to turn your beloved little story into a masterpiece. But it is often difficult to know where to begin when rewriting especially when you wrote to the best of your ability in the first draft. Here’s a step by step guide to redrafting.

  1. Finish the story.

A lot of people like to redraft after every chapter, but I find that counterproductive. It’s easy to get caught up in making the last chapter as perfect as possible, and then the next chapter is never written. As hard as it may be, wait until you’ve finished writing the story until you redraft it. It’ll be a lot easier, you’re more likely to keep the same style and voice throughout the story, and you’ll be able to add bits of plot in to earlier parts of the story if you’re plot took an…

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