So, how are we doing?

I’ve asked this before and I’m asking it again.
The first month of the new year is almost over and I fell like I need the world to just please stop for a few hours to let me catch up!! Please! I seem to be running and running but in the end I have nothing to show for what I even did.
I know I’m neglecting this blog. I spend more time on tumblr, I feel more at home there. Tumblr has a wonderful book and writer community and I love reblogging interesting posts. I almost wanted to do the same here, since wordpress also has the reblog feature but it feels kind of false here.

This blog is meant for posts that I write myself. At least that was the plan. I wanted to write at least one post per week for the blog but I also wanted to write 960 words every day and you have three guesses how well that went and two don’t count. So, I’m just going to scrap this month and start over in February.


To answer the question: I’m doing fine but the new year stresses me and except for one tiny little piece of fanfiction, I haven’t written any stories. This is bad because I feel like that magical story thread is slipping through my fingers and is lost forever.


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