Write Books You Love. Think Global. Consider Multiple Streams Of Income

Today’s link is from Joanna Penn from her blog The Creative Penn with more harsh truths about indie publishing and success as an indie mid-lister. Being a successful writer is still hard work. Joanna Penn has some excellent advice how to improve our chances.

There’s been much teeth-gnashing in the indie community in the last month with lots of posts about quitting, about income dropping  with Kindle Unlimited and the new EU Tax Law, about this or that changing.


In her musings on what indie authors learned in 2014, Kris names 2014 as the ‘year of the quitter,’ when many authors discovered that writing is hard, publishing is hard and making a living with your writing is hard. Achieving real success is also difficult, the gold rush has ended and that there is definitely a mid-list indie.


Read the full post here.


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