How are we doing?

The new year is two days old, I’m actively avoiding looking at the Steam sale (no more new games for you!) and I haven’t written anything.  I’m using this blog post to write at least something.

With the year still so young it’s not really such a horrible thing to not be in full writer mode already but I kind of had different plans. I’m not one to make new years resolutions, I make resolutions all the time and … yeah. Let’s just say that most resolutions die a quiet death. And then I feel guilty for not meeting my goals.

I read somewhere today (curse my scatterbrain for I can’t find the post anymore) that guilt is actually a bad motivator. Guilt seems to be leaning closer to giving up then getting up, if you know what I mean.

If you, for instance, set your goal as working out daily and you miss one day because you felt bad or didn’t have time, you’ll feel guilty. I guess some people would feel motivated to work out even more the next day, I personally fall into the camp of saying “I already missed one day, might as well miss another until I feel better” which will bring me nicely towards: “I missed so many days, I might as well just stop. I suck at this anyway”

Yes, that’s me. Guilt as a motivator — not working for me.

That’s also one of the reasons why I set the daily writing goal so low at 960 words per day. If I write more — yay! But if I just meet the goal, I can still feel good about it. I may not be the writer who spits out a book in a month but I will write my books!

So I’m not making New Years resolutions but I do have a goal.

My goal is to write and publish my stories and write more.

(That looks suspiciously like a new years resolution but we’ll let that slide, won’t we?)

Happy writing!


2 thoughts on “How are we doing?

  1. I find that announcing my goals to as many people as I can makes me feel accountable. Not exactly guilt, but I guess kind of close. Still, it works for me. Actually, what it makes me do is set realistic goals. And by the end of the week, month or year, it is amazing to see that I’ve reached them. Good luck with yours!


    1. Many people say that announcing a goal helps them to stick to it. I’m not sure that works with me because I’m SO SO GOOD at finding excuses! Even if it is just saying “I can do what I want!”
      Still, I’m going to finish those two stories and become a writer who can pay her bills!

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