We’re running down that hill…

Just a few more days and this year is done. Currently I want to say “Good riddance!” but we’ll see how the last days shape up.

This blog has not quite reached the shape yet I envisioned for it but that’s okay for now. So far, I’m treating it a bit like a tumblr, liking and reblogging things that caught my interest.

By the way, have you seen our/my (I’m still the only writer here) accompanying tumblr?
There’s a lot of great writing advice and motivational quotes floating around on tumblr. I used to have those things mixed in with my feminism-and-mass-effect-fangirl tumblr but now I’m collecting them on
this one

For the new year, I plan to write some posts of my own on this blog and make short little videos as discussion points. Hopefully we can have some enlightening talk in the comments sections that will make us all smarter.

And the life plan?

I want to finish and publish my first novel before the summer, continue and finish two WIP novels and my endless fanfic and find new writer friends.

For now, I keep looking at all your blogs, read your post, like and reblog all the wonderful things you post. You’re all so inspirational.

In case that we don’t see each other again in these last few days, have a happy whatever Holiday you like and a happy New Year!



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