Confessions of a Writer’s Block Survivor with John L Monk

[Guest Post 005] Confessions of a Writer’s Block Survivor with John L Monk

It was July 4th, 2013, Independence Day, when I published my first novel, Kick. While most Americans were shaking their fists in the direction of Buckingham Palace shouting, “Damn you tyrants, we shall fight you in the streets,” I was logged into KDP, struggling with how to unleash my typing practice on the unsuspecting masses. A heady experience, and deeply intoxicating. I knew when the money started rolling in I’d be able to quit my job and worry about the important things, like which color Lamborghini best matched my rakish personality, or how many crusts of bread to toss to the peasants from my palatial estate.

Time passed, and four months later I was still working my day job. I still drove a Toyota, and I didn’t have any peasants to throw crusts of bread at. I was not an overnight success. The book got some nice reviews after I did my KDP Select free days, and that was cool. Very cool. But when the free days were over, you couldn’t find Kick on Amazon unless you ran a search for: “crap nobody cares about.”


This post speaks to me so much! I also put my inability to get writing done to laziness and in that way I can nicely chastise my self and feel bad about myself.
Hello, mushy self pity!

It gives me hope that he managed to get out of it.


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