Be careful when re-blogging, you can still breach copyright law

Oh boy, this is tricky subject. I can only say from my point of view that the law is even worse in Germany! Here, any lawyer can demand payment for copyright infringement, even if they are not even representing the original owner. It’s a big mess and I need to be careful with that.
It’s one of the reasons why I only ever use pictures that I made myself but I never thought about reblogs being dangerous in that way. Looks like I have to check on that stuff.

Confessions of a published author


Now, here is an interesting one.  What happens when you re-blog (or re-tweet) a post, and within that post there is an image which breached copyright? Do you check that the original blog writer has the relevant permission or license for the image? Having looked into this, I’ve found that unless you do, you also can breach copyright law. Pretty much, any image that’s available online has some form of copyright attached to it. So be careful!

A month ago, I was contacted by a Company that claimed to license images (and protect the intellectual property of photographers). Within their e-mail was an allegation that I had breached the copyright for one of their images. Also, that unless I did not provide proof of a purchased license for the image, then I would have to pay a settlement fee for using it. They provided a link to their website…

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