Zero Writing

It looks bad. There is no other way of saying it.

I started this project, writing 960 words every day (every morning was the plan), because I was convinced that it was absolutely doable! And now?


Look at that sad state. That’s no how it’s done!

Now the problem I have with myself is that I can come up with a million valid excuses why I didn’t get any writing done. Family, health problems, omg christmas presents wtf? and much more.

But I also know myself.

This is all a lie.

I know that I have time.

I have time to scroll through my tumblr dashboard, I have time to lust after game reviews, I have time to watch TV, I even played a game last night, I have time to sleep — actually, no, I don’t have time to sleep, I get about four hours and that is the absolute minimum I can function on if I can sneak in a nap in the afternoon. But all the rest is true. I made time for all those things and that is a decision.

I’m not saying that it is necessarily a wrong decision, but it is one I have to own. I can’t go around and whine how I never have time to write, I have to own up that I decided to do something else instead of writing!

On the same note, I can decide to use the time I have to write, this is in my hands. There will never be that endless stretch of uninterrupted time that we all dream about. Uninterrupted Time To Think is the most expensive good I have in my life, honestly, I can’t even put a price on it.

And I have it easy, I’m home most of the time. Unless a client calls me with an emergency, I can count on five hours where the kids are at school where I can get work done, take care of tumblr, blogging and writing.
I consider tumblr and this blog as part of my writer job. As a soon to be self published author (hopefully), this is a connection to other writers and possibly readers that I love and want to nourish.


I don’t have a magic solution. We all know that we have to prioritize our writing, that is nothing new. But I have to be honest enough to recognize that I decided to do something else instead of writing.
This may be a good thing, I don’t want writing my books to become a chore. I am allowed to do something fun if I feel like it. But if I let laziness and distraction overcome my days, then I should get my priorities back on track.

As a writer, I have to do the work. 

I have to decide to use my time for writing.


2 thoughts on “Zero Writing

  1. You’re not alone with this issue! I find it easier to make my daily words if I have something in my head I want to put down before it escapes. There are times it’s easier for me to think – to get words into my head. Walking the dog, if I wake up at night, and especially afternoon naps. Sometimes I’ll lay down with the idea “I must solve this writing problem before I get up.”
    Stephen King says reading is part of the writer’s job – Maybe keep a couple books (from the genre you’re writing in) at the ready?
    You’ve got over 41 thousand words! Rejoice.


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