How to Format an Ebook

[RSP Video Tutorial 001] How to Format an Ebook

The book’s written, its been carefully edited, proofread half a dozen times, and your cover designer has done an award winning job (well, at least you think so).

Ready to go, right? Let’s get’s get the damn thing up for sale already.

Hold your horses, their is one more step. Amazon isn’t going to accept your Word document, no matter how well edited it is…

You need your book formatted. 

Following up my last course on how to build a website, by almost a year, I finally present How to Format Your Ebook. 

Aren't we done yet?!

“No problem,” I hear you say, “there are tools for that!” And I can almost hear you thinking, “Oh come on! I just want this damn thing done already!! Let’s just jam the thing into one of these tools and be done with it! WHERE IS MY MOBI FILE?”

While that is true, there are tools that convert Word documents to ebook formats, they are far from perfect. If you just spent weeks, months, or evenyears, writing your book, don’t mess up now. These tools can often leave you with artifacts (weird blips) in your book that will annoy a reader, often enough for them to ditch your book, leave you a poor review, or even, not buy the book in the first place (although maybe you could just have a really well formatted sample ;) ).


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