Equally Love your Critic and Cheerleader

The Sarcastic Muse

Stop.  Don’t you dare turn your nose up at this post’s title.  “Critic” and “cheerleader” are not vile words nor are they to be feared.  These are two words that, as a writer, you must equally embrace for there should be no bigger critic or cheerleader of your work than yourself.  If you can’t critique or have pride in your own work, how can you expect anyone to accept it?

Your inner critic is your worst enemy in championing your work.  That forsaking voice, whispering in your mind That’s a horrible idea, this story is a piece of crap, can be an jerk and needs to be toned down.  You can’t let it rule your mind.  Allowing the critic to always speak will fill you with negativity and discomfort, which puts fear in your heart and pushes you away from writing.    Keep your critic in…

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